Qdot Engineering


280 W Market St


York, PA 17401


3rd Party Inspections - York

Call 717-744-8315 to request a permit inspection.

Call 717-744-8385 to request a property maintenance inspection.

Qdot Engineering is responsible for all Plan Review and Building Inspections associated to building permits within the city limits of York.

If you are a homeowner and have questions about the permit process, or how to do a project please contact us at info@qdotengineering.com.

Residential Property Maintenance Inspections:
  • Property Maintenance Code
  • Print Rental License
  • Property Maintenance Checklist
  • Code Notes
  • Where Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors are Required
  • Tenant Occupied Dwelling License Application (New)

    Residential Building Inspection Checklists:
  • Residential Building Planning Data (2013)

    Residential Building Inspection Checklists:
  • Building Final
  • Footings and Foundations
  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Deck
  • Re-Roofing
  • Roofing Shearwall
  • Underfloor

    Residential Trade Checklists:
  • Electrical Turn On
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical Rough-In
  • Mechanical Final
  • Plumbing Rough-In
  • Plumbing Final
  • Fuel Gas Piping
  • Water Heater
  • Plumbing Water Supply

    Commercial Trades:
  • Commercial Cooking Requirements